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Question 1:
Let’s discuss the project closure process. Must be 400 words not including reference.
In your response, please address the following:
– What is the purpose of closing a project?
– Discuss why we “close” projects that have failed?
– What role does the Project Management Office (PMO) play in the Closing process? Must be 400 words not including reference.
Question 2:
Please review the CDC Unified Process Checklist uploaded below for Project Close-Out, and respond to the following items:
a. What is the value of having a checklist to close the project?
b. Why is an evaluation of the vendors and sub-contractors an important step? 
Must be 400 words not including reference.



UP Version: 11/30/06 Page 1 of 1

The purpose of this document is to provide a quick reference checklist for use by the project manager to
ensure that all appropriate activities related to Project Close Out have been addressed.

Have all deliverables been completed?
Have all deliverables been approved?
Has a post-project review been performed with the project team, client, vendors and management?

The focus of the review is:
• What worked well?
• What did not work well?
• What would you do to improve the next project?

Has individual performance feedback been given to team members?
In cases where the team member will receive an annual review from another manager, has the

individual feedback been given to that manager?
Has a project history library been created for easy access by future project teams?
Have all drawings and specifications been recorded?
Have project related accounts been closed and all billing finalized?
If required, has an audit been conducted and the project budget closed?
Have all security badges been collected or updated?
Has a lessons learned session been conducted?
Has a lessons learned database been created?
Has access to applications been disabled or modified?
Has a performance evaluation been conducted for vendors & sub-contractors?
Has appropriate knowledge transfer occurred?
If transitioning the project to another manager, has an updated project plan for subsequent work and

support been provided to the new manager?
Has management been given a project staffing plan with the schedule for reducing the project?
Has the new project status been communicated to the project team & stakeholders?
Has a project turnover memo been drafted, and distributed, that communicates the new status of the

project and the new project contact person? At a minimum, this should be sent to everyone who
received a copy of the project charter during the Project Initiation phase.



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