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Mgmt 633

by | Jun 5, 2022 | fresh

Mgmt 633

Discussion 1 – Project Managers

This is a 2-week discussion. In the first week, you are to post a thorough, substantive, original posting of at least 300 words on the topic (below). After completing your original post, make peer postings by replying to classmates throughout the second week.  The original post is due 1 week from the date it was assigned, and all peer posts are due 2 weeks from the date the discussion was assigned. You will not see your peers’ postings until you make your original post. See the rubric below for grading details.
Original Writing
All writing must be original. Please cite outside sources using APA formatting
 (select link to follow). In brief, APA requires that you place the author and publication date at the end of any researched content even if you have rephrased it like this (Smith, 2019).  It also requires that you create an entry at the end of your writing in a References section. Your submission will be run through turnitin.com and any uncited /plagiarized work will be reported to the college’s Academic Conduct Committee.

Discussion Topic
The topic is project management.  Please click to read this article about the 
role of project managers


· What are your thoughts on the two types of project manager, as proposed by the writer?  Do you think one is more effective than the other – and why?

· Next, using outside research, identify the top 3 skills you feel a project manager should possess, and why. Provide at least 2 outside references to support your stance, aside from your textbook.

· If you are (or were) a project manager, what is (or would) be the most difficult skill for you? (When you respond to peers, please make suggestions to them about overcoming issues surrounding this skill). 

To make your original post, select “Make Original Reply Here” below.  Remember, you won’t see anyone else’s posts until you make your own.  Do not upload documents; type in the text box.

To make viewing responses easier, change your “view” of the Discussion Board to “threaded” as shown:


5 points

3-4 points

Below Expectations
1-2 points

0 points

Original Posting – Up to 10 Points Possible

Topic Questions
and Content

All topic questions are addressed. Outside research is evident and cited. Substance and thought have gone into the posting.

Most topic questions are addressed. Outside research is lacking or is not cited. Posting lacks substantive content.

Some topic questions are addressed. Research is lacking and not cited. Posting does not seem to be substantive in nature.

Numerous omissions are present, including missing topic questions, research, and substantive writing.

Format of Posting

Professionally organized and written, with no spelling or grammatical errors. At least 300 words or more. All writing is original and properly cited.

Well written but lacking in organization or consisting of a minor spelling or grammatical error. At least 300 words (or close). All writing is original and properly cited.

Writing is well organized nor professional in tone; numerous spelling and grammatical errors. Fewer than required 300 words. Work is not original OR not properly cited. 

Writing is unacceptable or very unorganized. Fewer than required 300 words.  Work is copied and not cited. 

Peer Posting – Up to 15 Points Possible

Number of

Responded to peers more than 5 times.

Responded to peers 3 or 4 times.

Responded to peers 1 or 2 times.

Did not respond to peers.

Substance of

Asked questions, added to the discussion, and moved the discussion forward. At least 2-3 good-sized, substantive paragraphs per response.

Added substantive comments but did not really move the discussion forward nor ask questions to further the dialogue. At least two good-sized, substantive paragraphs per response.

Made one-sided comments or brief observations but added no real substance to the dialogue.

Either two brief or one paragraph response.

Made no responses.


Posted early in the 2 weeks, on at least 3 days of the week.

Posted later in the 2 weeks, on at least 3 days of the week.

Posted on fewer than 3 days of the week.

Made no responses.

Student reply

 Sandy Le – 

The two types of project manager’s that Jim Haskin discusses are bookkeepers and warriors. The bookkeeper is a program manager who documents and reports everything from the start to end of the project. The warrior is someone who gets things done no matter what. Based on Jim Haskins discussion, he has only worked with 10% of warriors (2018). I would conclude that a warrior is more effective than a bookkeeper. Yes, a bookkeeper can document everything and report it to the executives, but the warrior does that and then some. Bookkeepers like to do as they are told only and warriors take control and do what is necessary to achieve their goals. I’m not actually sure if I have ever met a warrior before but I sure would like to become one. I believe the process is important but the overall goal is more important. It’s the difference between success and failure. Of course, every team and project manager wants to achieve success but not everyone can because there’s always uncertainty and it’s up to the project manager who should have the warrior mentality to do what needs to be done to reach that success. 
The top three skills a project manager should have include leadership, communication, and scheduling. According to Nathalie Udo and Sonja Koppenseiner, having leadership is someone who can provide direction, resolve conflicts, and make appropriate decisions. (2004). Leadership is important as a project manager because they must have a vision and strive to achieve their goals. Sharlett Gillard states that soft skills, specifically communication, has been a recurring skill that makes a project manager successful (2009). Without this skill, the project manager would fail to also negotiate which entails communication in persuasion. Communication is also a large part of success on a project as the project manager must interact with all stakeholders involved. Scheduling is important to drive the timeline of the project. Making sure that stakeholders such as suppliers have materials and resources available when needed, construction team completes their tasks in a timely manner, and sponsors are satisfied (Landau, 2019). 
If I were a project manager I think the most difficult skill would be leadership. I know this is the most important skill a project manager should have, but there’s different types of leaderships. I would identify my leadership style as transactional, which focuses on achieving a goal and giving consequences after. I personally believe that I have failed as a leader in my past work because I am not a confrontational person. People thought of my leadership style as demanding and confrontational but I saw myself as a guiding person and results driven. A leader should know how to communicate to dissolve conflicts and I just accepted it. 
Gillard, S. (2009). Soft skills and technical expertise of effective project managers. Issues in Informing Science & Information Technology, 6, 723+. https://link.gale.com/apps/doc/A229896160/AONE?u=lom_walshcoll&sid=AONE&xid=3337948e 
Haskin, J. (2018). Project managers need to warriors, not bookkeepers-or your projects are doomed. CIO. https://www.cio.com/article/3294701/project-managers-need-to-be-warriors-not-bookkeepers-or-your-projects-are-doomed.ht 
Landau, P. (2019).12 Essential Project Management Skills. Project Manager. https://www.projectmanager.com/blog/project-management-skills 
Udo, N. & Koppensteiner, S. (2004). What are the core competencies of a successful project manager? Project Management Institute. https://www.pmi.org/learning/library/core-competencies-successful-skill-manager-8426 

Reply 2

Timothy Bachner –

The types of project managers are bookkeepers and warriors. The bookkeeper PM is focused more on the reports that could or could not stall the project timeline. The warrior is more focused on the completion of the project (Haskin, 2018). I have worked with both types of project managers and I found that the warrior project is the most effective one. When working with the warrior type PM I noticed a couple actions that the PM took to manage issues that arrived to keep the project on schedule. On this particular project, the foundation of the building was poured wrong because the engineers stake the site wrong. This mistake is a costly one which would have run over the budget but the PM moved money within the budget to make sure the project remained on track. The end result was the project finished 250K under the projected budget with staking error. The PM knew that they couldn’t control that error but adjusted and looked for other ways to reduce cost while maintaining the project schedule. 
The top three skills that project managers should have is leadership, project planning and problem-solving. Leadership is an important skill set to have because it outlines and defines the main vision of the project. During the duration of the project the PM will motivate and encourage each team member to achieve the scheduled deadline (Schiff, 2017). The project planning is important because it includes scheduling timelines, resources plans, and budget estimates. Project planning is critical to a successful project because it outlines important steps and tasks that must be completed in a timely manner (Aston, 2020). Problem-solving is a skill set that all PMs must have because no project goes smoothly without a couple interrupts. This included identifying risk or unexpected problems that have occurred. The PM will have to mitigate the risk before it becomes worse (Schiff, 2017). From previous work experience, I have noticed a lot of PM’s deal with problems as they come and don’t take actions to resolve the problem before it happens. 
One of the most difficult skills to conquer would be risk management if I was a PM. When starting a project how do you know a risk is apparent. They are not easily definable until you encounter a risk within the project. Each project is different with different risks associated with each individual project. I know there are tools that analyze risk management but they don’t always identify the potential risks within the project. 
Aston, B. 2020. 21 Key Skills For Your Project Management Resume in 2020. DPM. Retrieved from https://thedigitalprojectmanager.com/project-management-skills/
Haskin, J. 2018. Project managers need to warriors, not bookkeepers-or your projects are doomed. CIO. Retrieved from https://www.cio.com/article/3294701/project-managers-need-to-be-warriors-not-bookkeepers-or-your-projects-are-doomed.ht
Schiff, J. 2017. 7 must-have project management skills. CIO. Retrieved from https://www.cio.com/article/2389129/project-management-7-must-have-project-management-skills-for-it-pros.html


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